From Prison to the Big Leagues

Here’s both an incredible and feel good story for not only Ranger fans, but for all baseball fans out there.

Last year, 12 years since getting drafted out of high school as the number 1 overall pick by the Padres in 2004, Matt Bush made his major league debut as a reliever.

So here’s the story:

After getting drafted, Bush was involved in a bar fight in 2004 before his minor league career ever began. He was arrested during that incident for underage drinking, etc. In 2009, Bush was allegedly involved in assaulting two high school lacrosse players. Then later in 2012, Bush pleaded no contest to a DUI incident in which he injured a 72-year-old motorcyclist. Bush was sentenced to 3 years in prison for a near fatal incident. Bush used his time in prison to think about how alcohol had sidetracked his life. He eventually began throwing again during his last year in his prison sentence.

Once released, Bush signed with the Texas Rangers. He was hitting high-90s on the radar gun with his fastball. Bush only pitched 17 innings in AA ball before getting called up to the show where he held a 7-2 record and 2.48 era in 61.2 innings pitched. Unbelievable numbers for a guy who just recently came out of prison. He was ready to go almost immediately.

Here’s video footage of his debut.



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