Speculating a Common Baseball Card

Speculating a rookie card of a baseball player is easy. Speculating the card of a player who already has 5 plus years under his belt is way more difficult in my opinion.

The card I’m writing about in this post is the 2017 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw.


This card is a common card in a base set of 400 cards not including short prints. There are several reasons I’m speculating this card even though it’s not a rookie card of Kershaw. The first being that Clayton Kershaw is in the prime of his career and recently notched his 2,000th strikeout. The second reason is more of a personal opinion, which is that this card looks great aesthetically in comparison to many of his other cards. Lastly,  Kershaw is #400 out of the 400 common base cards.

I’ve recently learned that Topps will sometimes print cards of good players and match them with the highest number, which Kershaw is in this case.

Anyways, that’s my long shot of a card speculation. I don’t recommend anyone following me and picking up this card. I bought one from eBay for a buck a week ago and for some reason wanted to write about it after cracking open some Topps Heritage packs. We shall see how this plays out.